Aerdna (calliopewashere) wrote in asbyatt,

Some questions and thoughts

I was excited to discover an A.S. Byatt community, even if it is currently small.

How 'bout I toss out some questions?

What's your favorite A.S. Byatt book (not including Possession, since that seems to be most people's favorite)?
What's your least favorite?
How do you feel about Byatt movie adaptations (Angels & Insects, Possession)?

And something I've been wondering about lately, anybody know anything about the supposed ties between the Pre-Raphaelites and Byatt's fictional characters in Possession?

Oh, and by the way, hi. I'm Aerdna, I'm a British and American Lit MA student at the University of Utah, and I'm currently posting here instead of doing what I should be doing, which is writing an essay on Christina Rossetti's poem, "Winter: My Secret." I'll admit, Possession is indeed my favorite Byatt novel, but Babel Tower probably comes in a close second. My least favorite is probably The Game - though I find it interesting in light of Byatt's supposed estranged relationship with her sister, Margaret Drabble. I didn't think that A&I was very well done as a film (hey, where were the Angels?), and I liked the film version of P despite its divergences. And, finally, I guess I have my own theories on which Pre-Raphaelites inspired her storyline for Possession, but they are still very nascent and underdeveloped theories...

And now I will stop rambling and hope that you don't think I'm just plain nutty. :) A.S. Byatt has just been on my mind a lot lately.
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